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Monat: März 2019

Get The Look For Less: Spring Update

Auch im Frühling gibt es wieder einige Trend Pieces, um die man nicht herum kommt. Vor allem im Bereich der Accessoires geht es heuer richtig rund: während es letztes Jahr noch dezent und filigran hier und da in Form von Schmuck gefunkelt hat, sich aber ansonsten der Behang in Grenzen hielt, darf es heuer glitzern […]

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Outfit: 50 Shades Of White

Just in time for the weekend, which is predicted to be super sunny and warm (hello spring feelings!), I want to show you my favorite outfit that moved into my wardrobe last week. With summer just around the corner (I know, April still has potential to hit us hard… but I’ll just ignore that for now) fabrics are getting lighter again and it’s time to think of our spring wardrobe. To keep things in order in my wardrobe I always like fill my closet with seasonal things only. Meaning: In winter I put all my summer dresses, blouses, skirts and sweaters into a big box in storage. So every time a new season comes around I get out that box and get utterly excited about all the pretty summer things in there. It’s a little bit like shopping in your own closet without spending insane amounts of money… When I got said box out of storage last week, I alarmingly noted that half of my summer clothes are all shades of white. I honestly had to laugh at myself, because my last EDITED order also included a white dress and a white sweater. Oh well. At least I could argue […]

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